Bikes for Breaking

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GSXR 600 K2.
Akrapovic Stubby Exhaust Can,
Carbon Fibre Ram Air Ducts,
Strong Engine, Runs Well,
Iridium Screen,
Fairing Tatty But No Cracks/Splits.

GSXR SRAD 600 Track Bike.
EBC Prolite Front Brake Discs,
Full Stainless Exhaust System,
Dynamic Adjustable Rearsets,
Ohlins Springs In Front Forks.

GSXR SRAD 600 Track Bike.
Micron Carbon Can,
White Power Rear Shock,
Billet Rearsets,
Brembo Goldline Front Master Cylinder,
Wavy Front Brake Discs,
White Power Springs In Forks,
Harris Clock Bracket/Front Clip.

GSXR SRAD 600 Track Bike.
K1 Seat Unit,
Miron Bolt-on Can,
Adjustable Rearsets,
Harris Fairing Stay.

GSXR SRAD 600 Alstare Corona.
Late 600.
Strong Engine.
EBC Brake Discs,
Full Arrow Exhaust System With Nearly New Can - Perfect Condition.
Dynojetted & Rebuilt Carbs,
Fairing and tank tidy, not mint, but in good order.
Black Double Bubble Screen.

GSXR SRAD 750 Injection.
Massive Spec.
Full Titanium Yoshimura Exhaust.
803cc Big Bore Engine With Yoshimura Cams, Flowed Head, Etc.
Marvic Magnesium Wheels.
Special Ohlins Kit Rear Shock With Ohlins Billet Linkage.
GSXR 600 K6 Forks With K-Tech Race Pistons And Springs.
Yamaha R6 Gold Spot Calipers.
Brembo Radial Master Cylinder.
Brembo Superbike Brake Discs.
Captive Rear Caliper & Quick Release Rear Wheel.
Race Air Tubes.
Offset Swingarm Pivot.
Billet Race Rearsets.

Stubby Exhaust Can. Stock Headers.
Fairigs scuffed/marked.
Blown engine.
Late V Reg. bike.
All parts available.

Devil Exhaust Can.
Stock Headers.
Race/Track Fairing.
All parts available.

GSXR SRAD 750 Injection.
Arrow Full Exhaust With Road Legal Can.
Harris Rearsets.
Billet Clip-ons.
Race/Track Fairing.
EBC Pro-Lite Brake Discs.
Brembo Radial Brake Master Cylinder.
Dynojet PC2.
All parts available.

GSXR SRAD 750 Injection.
Akrapovic Full Exhaust & Can.
Harris Rearsets.
Double Bubble Screen.
Undertray With Twi Rear Lights.
Good Brake Discs.
All parts available.

Suzuki GSXR 600 SRAD.
Bolt-on Carbo ART Race Can.
EBC Pro-lite Discs.
Engine Blown.

Suzuki GSXR 600 SRAD.
Relatively Standard Bike.
Good Engine/Gearbox 20k Miles.
Bodywork Damaged/Tatty.
Kawasaki ZX6-R F3.
RHS Fairing Damaged.
Good Double Bubble Screen.
LED Indicators.
Blue Flame Race Can.
Strong Engine, Giving 94bhp On The Dyno.

Suzuki GSXR 750 SRAD Track Bike.
Originally EFi But Converted To Carbs.
Hobbsport Tuned Engine.
Dynojetted Carbs.
Fibreglass Race/Track Fairings.
Ohlins Shock.
HyperPro Steering Damper.
Radial Brake Master Cylinder.
Harris Exhaust Hanger.
Kawasaki ZX7-R.
Good, Strong Engine.
Straight Bar Conversion.
Devil Carbon Exhaust Can.
Clear Lense Rear Light.
Yamaha R6 5EB.
Good Engine.
Very Standard Bike.

Yamaha R1 4XV.
Billet Rearsets.
Slip-on Can & Link Pipe. (Damaged)
K&N Air Filter.