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Before you spend your hard earned money on performance enhancements let me give you an accurate analysis of your machines performance on my Dynojet 250i Dynamometer. I can then best advise where you can improve your bike, getting the most benefit from your budget.

An accurately set up bike will improve your bikes response and rideability, as well as power and torque, thus giving you more confidence in your machine. With the correct setup the bike could be even more fuel efficient, and prevent long term engine damage and large repair bills.

Massive improvements can be made even with standard air filters and exhausts, by reflashing the bikes ECU, or fitting a Power Commander or Jet Kit and optimising the fuelling, although greater gains are obviously achievable when combined with a performance air filter and exhaust can/system, which I can offer at discounted rates if all fitted and mapped at the same time. Various packages are available to suit all bikes and budgets from mild to very wild!

All of my fuelling maps are produced from scratch to perfectly match your bikes requirements and give you the most power and rideability. The Dyno at Meltedsliders is also capable of mapping Ignition units to capitalise on the fuelling gains, and truly deliver the best your bike can offer. The additional capabilities of the Dyno at Meltedsliders also allow very accurate fault diagnosis and step mapping for stand alone ECU's such as Motec, IgniTech, Etc.

It doesn´t matter if your bike is fuel injected or carburettored, all bikes can be optimised to give you the full potential of the bikes power and capabilities.